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Current release 10.4.36 (Beta). This page last updated on Jul 01 2022



Vely is a framework for rapid building of server-side applications on Linux.

Its goal is maximum run-time performance and simplicity.

Vely is well-suited for both web development and command-line applications. Read more.

It works by generating C code from simple declarative statements. Why use Vely?

Vely is free open source software.

Quick start

Run Hello World in minutes. To get started with Vely, check out tutorials and examples.

Latest release

10.4.36 released on 2022-06-22. See release_notes.

Example of Vely code

Query table "employees" and write result into a string and then write string to a file and to output. The code below is converted into pure C, compiled and linked into a native executable. You can run it both as a daemon (a background service process) or from the command line.

void list_employees() {
    out-header default

    char *header = make_header(); // write any C code
    p-out header

    // Create report in outmsg string and fill it with database query result
    write-string define outmsg
        // Get data from the database
        run-query#get_emp@db="select name, salary from employees order by name" output name, salary
           @Name: <<query-result#get_emp, name>>
           @Salary: <<query-result#get_emp, salary>>

    // Write report to a file
    write-file "employees" from outmsg status define st
    if (st<0) {
        @Error in writing file (<<pf-out "%lld", st>>)
    } else {
        p-out outmsg

The code was highlighted with Vely's syntax_highlighting plugin for vim.

Copyright (c) 2017-2022 DaSoftver LLC. Vely is a trademark of Dasoftver LLC. The software and information herein are provided "AS IS" and without any warranties or guarantees of any kind. This web page is licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0.