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- The power of C
C is the fastest and most energy-efficient programming language. Buffer overwrites, memory management and low-level coding may have been reasons you'd choose another language in the past. Vely changes that by turning C into a rapid software development platform that's safer and easier. You can develop cloud applications, middleware, database applications or anything else and benefit from C's high performance at the same time. There is no need to compromise between the two. More on why Vely and why C.
- Free Open Source framework
Vely is a general-purpose framework for building high-performance and lighweight software applications, based on C programming language. It is especially well suited for web applications. It's Free Open Source (under the Eclipse Public License 2 (EPL-2)), created by Sergio Mijatovic.
- Start now
You don't need to be a C expert. Install in minutes, then try 123_hello_world, examples and articles for everything from a database example and a file manager to a multitenant SaaS application.
- Application server
Run a FastCGI application server that is accessible from Apache, Nginx or any other web server in minutes, for enhanced performance, safety and stability.
- Database support
Database support is included (MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite).
- Do anything
Vely statements are precompiled into C code, and cover web, database, strings, files, flow and execution, encoding/encryption, REST, JSON, time, error handling, daemon-izing code and other common tasks (see documentation). They are safer than C (no need to allocate memory or free it, avoiding major pitfalls) and very easy - generally one-liners, largely self-explanatory and more powerful than traditional API. Vely code is a breeze to read - it's just as important as the ease of writing it. Same code works for both web applications and command_line programs. Easily containerize_applications.
- Native and simple
Vely applications are 100% native high-performance and low-footprint without interpreters or byte-code schemes. Vely is not object-oriented, it's declarative and functional. Decades of adding more energy-intensive and ever-complex abstractions on top of programming languages led to programming code that's bad for the environment. It's time to help the Earth while making programming easier and applications faster!
- Standards-based
A Vely application works by processing standard HTTP requests, which simplifies the program interface across the board. Each request_URL by default states the application name and a request name which is the source file handling it. So, "/appname/mycode" means that application name is "appname" and that "mycode()" function defined in file mycode.vely will execute. Read more about vely_architecture and how_vely_works.
- Quality and continuous testing
Each Vely release must pass rigorous tests on every platform where it's available before it's released. There are currently 1404 such tests, see quality_control. See release_notes for what's new in each release.
- Report bugs, request features, contact
Contact at - send questions, bugs or suggest new features.

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