19.0.0 released Nov 08, 2023
Set app

Purpose: Set process data.

set-app process-data <data>

set-app sets information related to an application or a process that runs it. A process may handle one or more requests, hence such data is cross-request and process-wide in scope. Some of this information is used by Vely and some is used by you in your code.

If you wish to set up global-process-data, you can do so by providing <data> in the "process-data" clause, which is a pointer to any type. Internally, this pointer is saved as void*, so it can be cast to anything. <data> can be retrieved later anywhere in any request served by the process with get-app (see "process-data" clause).

Process data has to be unmanaged memory because it is available across requests, see memory-handling.
To set global process data, for instance in _startup.vely (i.e. in startup-handler):
// Define global process memory pointer
my_type *mydata;

// Create global process memory
manage-memory off
new-mem mydata size sizeof(my_type)
manage-memory on

// Set global process memory
set-app process-data mydata

See global-process-data for more details and an example.
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