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11.0.11 released on Jul 25, 2022



Get number of rows returned by query.


row-count#<query name> [ to [ define ] <variable> ]


Use row-count# to get the number of rows returned by a query <query name> executed by run-query. Without "to" clause, the number of rows is printed out. If "to" clause is used, then the number of rows is stored to <variable>, which you can create if define is used.

row-count# can be used inside or outside a run-query (which executes the query).


Get the number of rows:
run-query#my_query="select name from employee"
// Define variable for row-count on the spot
row-count#my_query to define row_count

if (row_count!=2) {
   <div>Number of rows is not 2, but rather it is <<pf-out "%lld", row_count>></div>

To use an existing variable:
num row_count;
row-count#my_query to row_count


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