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Vely 15.2.0 released on Jan 18, 2023
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Reports a fatal error.


report-error <format>,  <expression> [ , ... ]


To report a fatal error, and write the relevant description of it in the trace file (see how_vely_works) regardless of whether tracing is enabled or not, use report-error. The error message is output in the same fashion as in pf-out, where <format> (of string type) and <expression>s (of any type) are used as in C's "printf()" function.

Note that you must always have at least one <expression>, even when the entire output is just a string constant, so for example you would write:

report-error "%s", "Bad value for number of processes"

The reason for this is to avoid formatting errors, and to use formatting in a consistent fashion.

See error_handling when report-error is called.


report-error "Too many input parameters, encountered total of [%lld]", num_count

See also:

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