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Vely 15.2.0 released on Jan 18, 2023
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Reads key/value pair from a FIFO list.


read-fifo <list> \
    key [ define ] <key> \
    value [ define ] <value>


read-fifo retrieves a key/value pair from the FIFO <list>, storing them into <key> (in "key" clause) and <value> (in "value" clause), both of which can be created as strings with optional "define".

Once a key/value pair has been retrieved, the next use of read-fifo will obtain the following pair, in the same order they were put in. If the obtained <key> is NULL, the end of the list was reached. read-fifo starts with the first key/value pair put in, and moves forward from there, unless rewind-fifo is called, which positions back to the first pair.


In this example, a FIFO list is created, and two key/value pairs added. They are then retrieved in a loop and printed out (twice with rewind), and then the list is purged:

// Create a list
new-fifo mylist

// Add data to the list
write-fifo mylist key "key1" value "value1"
write-fifo mylist key "some2" value "other2"

while (1) {
    // Get data from the list
    read-fifo mylist key define k value define v

    // Check if no more data
    if (k == NULL) {

    @Obtained key <<p-out k>> with value <<p-out v>>

// Go through the list again, use rewind-fifo for that
rewind-fifo mylist

while (1) {
    read-fifo mylist key define k value define v
    if (k == NULL) {
    @Again obtained key <<p-out k>> with value <<p-out v>>

purge-fifo mylist

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