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12.1.0 released on Sep 19, 2022



Obtain a random string.


random-string to [ define ] <random string> [ length <string length> ] [ number ]


random-string obtains random string of length <string length>. If "length" clause is omitted, the length is 20 by default. You can create <random string> with "define" clause. If "number" clause is used, then the resulting string is composed of digits only ("0" through "9"), otherwise alphabet letters ("a"-"z" and "A"-"Z") are used as well.

Random generator seed is based on current time and process ID.


Get a 100-digit long random value (as a string):
random-string to define str length 100
pf-out "%s\n", str


Encryption ( decrypt-data   encrypt-data   hash-string   random-string  )  SEE ALL (documentation)

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