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16.10.0 released May 10, 2023

Purpose: Obtain a random string for cryptographic use.

random-crypto to [ define ] <random string> \
    [ length <string length> ]

random-crypto obtains a random string of length <string length>. This statement uses a cryptographically secure pseudo random generator (CSPRNG) from OpenSSL library.  If "length" clause is omitted, the length is 20 by default. You can create <random string> with "define" clause. <random string> is allocated memory.

The value generated is always binary and may contain null-characters and is null-terminated.

Use this statement only when needed for specific cryptographic uses. In all other cases, use random-string which is 2-3 times faster.
Get a 20-digit long random binary value:
random-crypto to define str length 20

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