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16.6.0 released on Mar 08, 2023 | articles updated on Mar 20, 2023

Quality control

Quality control

Each candidate for a Vely release must build successfully for a given Linux distribution and on its native architecture, without simulators or cross-compilers. A suite of functional tests (including bug fixes to prevent regressions) must run without errors; currently, there are 1404 such tests.

Vely is tested on following distros: archlinux_rolling, debian_10, debian_11, fedora_36, fedora_37, mageia_8, opensuse_tumbleweed, redhat_8, redhat_9, ubuntu_20, ubuntu_22 however it may work on other distros derived from this list (see installation page). Both builds and tests are automated to prevent gaps in coverage.

Vely documentation is automated to a good degree, with internal/external link checking, HTML/troff make and reference/index building.

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