19.0.0 released Nov 08, 2023
Purge tree

Purpose: Delete a tree.

purge-tree <tree>

purge-tree will delete a <tree> created with new-tree. All of <tree>'s nodes, and their keys/values (if allocated) must be deleted prior to purge-tree. Here's an example of doing that, by finding a node with the minimum key, deleting it, and repeating the process:
while (1) {
    read-tree mytree min-key old-key define mk value define mv status define ms
    if (ms == VV_OKAY) {
        delete-tree mytree key mk
        delete-mem mk
        delete-mem mv
    } else break;

See memory-handling for more on when (not) to delete memory explicitly like this; the same rules apply as for delete-mem.
Delete a tree entirely:
new-tree define mytree
purge-tree mytree

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