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11.0.11 released on Jul 25, 2022



Outputs a formatted string without encoding.


pf-out [ bytes-written [ define ] <bytes> ] <format> <expression> [ , <expression> ]...


pf-out formats a string according to the <format> string and a list of variable-type <expression>s (in the same way C's "printf()" does) and then outputs the result without any encoding (meaning a string is output exactly as it is, and the client may interpret such text in any way it sees fit). The result is sent to a client that made the request. If another string is built by using write-string, then the result is output into the buffer that builds a new string.

<format> string must be present. If you'd like to know the number of bytes written out, use the optional "bytes-written" clause prior to <format>, in which case <bytes> holds the number of bytes written. If this variable is not defined, use "define" clause to create it within the statement. There must be at least one <expression> (it means if you want to print out a simple string literal you still have to use "%s" as format).


To output data (the string output is "the number is 20" and the number of bytes written is in variable "bwritten"):
pf-out bytes-written define bwritten "%s is %d", "the number", 20

The following is writing to client, outputting text for which the browser will interpret tags "<br/>" and "<hr/>" as a line break and a horizonal line and display them as such:
pf-out "<hr/> %s <br/>", "This is a non-encoded output"

Create a query text string by means of write-string statement:
void get_table_data (const char *table_name, num id_num)

   // Construct the run-time text of dynamic SQL
   write-string define qry_txt
   @select * from <<pf-out "%s where id="%lld", table_name, id_num>>


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