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16.10.0 released May 10, 2023

Purpose: Outputs a string without encoding.

p-out <string>

p-out outputs a string expression given by <string>, without any encoding (meaning a string is output exactly as it appears). The string is sent to a client that made the request. If this is within write-string, then <string> is output into the buffer that builds a new string.
To output data verbatim to a client:
char *mydata="Hello world";
p-out mydata

Writing to client, outputting text followed by a horizontal rule - the text is output to a client (such as browser) as it is, and the browser will interpret tags "<br/>" and "<hr/>" as a line break and a horizonal line and display them as such:
p-out "This is a non-encoded output<br/>"
p-out "<hr/>"

Create a query text string by means of write-string statement:
void get_table_data (const char *table_name)
   // Construct the run-time text of dynamic SQL
   write-string define qry_txt
   @select * from <<p-out table_name>>

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