18.4.0 released Sep 25, 2023
Num string

Purpose: Convert number to string.

num-string <number> [ to [ define ] <string> ] \
    [ length <length> ] \
    [ bytes-written [ define ] <bytes written> ] \
    [ base <base> ]

<number> is converted to <string> in "to" clause, using <base> in "base" clause, where <base> is by default 10. <base> can be between 2 and 36, inclusive. <number> can be positive or negative (i.e. signed) and can be of any integer type up to 64-bit (char, int, long, long long etc.).  If "to" clause is omitted, then <number> is printed out.

If <length> (in "length" clause) is specified, then <string> is an existing memory buffer of length <length>. If <length> is not specified, then <string> is allocated memory. "length" clause can be specified only if <string> in "to" clause is given.

The length of <string> (or of output if "to" clause is omitted) can be obtained via "bytes-written" clause in <bytes written>.

<string> and <bytes written> can be created with optional "define".

Note that any letters in <string> (depending on the <base>) are always lower-case.

If there is an error, such as if <base> is incorrect or if the optional <length> is specified but not sufficient to hold the result, then <bytes written> is 0.

Use of num-string (and p-num which is based on it) for converting and outputting numbers is high-performance and recommended if your application needs to do that often. If num-string prints out a number (i.e. "to" clause is omitted), and this is within write-string, then <number> is output into the buffer that builds a new string.
The following will allocate memory for string "x" to be "801" and variable "olen" will have a value of 3 (the length of "801"):
num x = 801;
num-string x to define res bytes-written define olen

The following will store "-238f" to string "res" and variable "olen" will have a value of 5 (the length of "-238f"):
int x = -9103;
char res[10];
num-string x to res length sizeof(res) bytes-written define olen base 16

To print out a number:
num x = -131;
num-string x

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