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12.1.0 released on Sep 19, 2022

Non request


Non-request source files implement common code used in request-handling .v files. Their names always start with an underscore ('_').

So for instance, file '_display.v' would never handle any requests directly - such file may be (for example) implementing common code that displays various HTML statements.

When Vely code is compiled, both request and non-request source code is automatically picked up - all files with .v extensions are used.


In the following example, a list on customer names is shown (note functions header() and footer()), and the code is implemented in request source file show.v:
#include "vely.h"

void show() {
    run-query @db="select name from cust" output name
        query-result  name

Functions header() and footer() are implemented in non-request source file _display.v:
#include "vely.h"

void header() {

void footer() {

Both files (show.v and _display.v) will be automatically picked up, compiled and linked.


Requests ( after_request_handler   before_request_handler   global_request_data   input-param   non_request   request   startup_handler   url-param   vely_dispatch_request  )  SEE ALL (documentation)

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