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Allocate memory.


new-mem [ define ] <memory> size <size> \
    [ block-size <block size> ] \
    [ init ]


new-mem allocates <memory> of <size> blocks, each block of <block size> bytes as specified in "block-size" clause, thus allocating <size>*<block size> bytes aligned suitably for any pointer type. By default, block size is 1, which means in that case <size> is the number of bytes. <memory> is allocated memory.

When "init" is used, the memory is zero-initialized. If you need the memory initialized, always use "init" as it is generally faster than creating memory and then initializing it (for instance with "memset()").

If "define" is used, variable <memory> is created if it does not exist. The pointer returned is always "void*" and can be used for any purpose; always cast it to your desired type.

If an existing pointer is used (i.e. without "define"), then such pointer can be of any type.


Allocate memory of 300 bytes, producing a "void *". Then the data is copied into it - note the casting to "char*";

new-mem define mystr size 300
strcpy ((char*)mystr, "Some string");

Initialize memory of 1000 bytes (filled with all zeroes):

new-mem define mymem size 1000 init

Allocate an array of 1000 integers:

int *mymem;
new-mem mymem size 1000 block-size sizeof(int)

Allocate an array of 1000 integers initialized to 0 and then a single element of the array is assigned a value:

int *mymem;
new-mem mymem size 1000 block-size sizeof(int) init
mymem[50] = 23;

The memory can be created as "void *" and then assigned to any type:

new-mem define mymem size 1000 block-size sizeof(int) init
int *newmem = (int*)mymem;

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