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Vely 15.2.0 released on Jan 18, 2023
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Create hash table.


new-hash [ define ] <hash> size <size>


new-hash initializes hash table named <hash>, which is a pointer to type "vely_hash" and can be created with optional "define".  <size> is the number of "buckets" in the hash table. All items with the same hash code are stored in a linked list within the same bucket. Greater table size usually means less items per bucket and better performance. However, memory usage grows with a bigger hash table, so its size should be balanced based on the program needs.

Vely uses high-performing FNV1_a hash algorithm. Each element in a bucket list is lightweight, containing pointers to a key, value and next element in the linked list.

Note that a hash table is accessible to the current process only. <size> must be at least 10; if less, it will be set to 10.


Create a new hash with 500 buckets:

new-hash define h size 500

See read-hash for more examples.

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