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12.1.0 released on Sep 19, 2022



Create FIFO list.


new-fifo [ define ] <list>


new-fifo initializes new FIFO <list> (First In First Out). <list> is a pointer to type "vely_fifo", and can be created with optional "define".

FIFO <list> contains key/value pairs on a first-in, first out basis. It is useful for storing temporary information in memory which can be quickly retrieved. Note that a list is accessible to the current process only.

Generally pairs of key/value are stored in a FIFO list, and retrieved (possibly many times) in the same order in which they were stored.

The internal positions for write-fifo and read-fifo actions are separate so you can keep adding data to the list, and obtain it in any number of retrieval passes by using rewind-fifo.


new-fifo define nf


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