18.4.0 released Sep 25, 2023
Json utf8

Purpose: Convert JSON text to UTF8 string.

json-utf8 <text> \
    [ status [ define ] <status> ] \
    [ error-text [ define ] <error text> ]

json-utf8 will convert JSON string value <text> to UTF8. <text> itself will hold the resulting UTF8 string. If you don't wish <text> to be modified, make a copy of it first (see copy-string). See utf8-json for the reverse conversion and data standards information.

You can obtain the optional <status> in "status" clause, which can be created with optional "define". <status> is VV_OKAY if successful, or VV_ERR_UTF8 if there was an error, in which case optional <error text> in "error-text" clause (which can be created with optional "define") will contain the error message.
// JSON Unicode value to encode to UTF8
char txt[] = "\u0459\\\"Doc\\\"\\n\\t\\b\\f\\r\\t\\u21d7\\u21d8\\t\\u25b7\\u25ee\\uD834\\uDD1E\\u13eb\\u2ca0\\u0448\\n\\/\\\"()\\t";

// Convert to UTF8 
json-utf8 txt status define txt_status error-text define txt_error

// Expected UTF8 result
char utf8[] = \"Doc\"\n\t\b\f\r\t⇗⇘\t▷◮𝄞ᏫⲠш\n/\"()\t";

// Make sure conversion was successful
if (strcmp (utf8, txt) || txt_status != VV_OKAY || txt_error[0] != 0) {
    @Error in converting JSON string to UTF8

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