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Vely 15.2.0 released on Jan 18, 2023
Articles updated Jan 17, 2023


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Obtain data that describes the input request.


get-req \
    data | errno | error | cookie-count | cookie <cookie index> \
        | arg-count | arg-value <arg index> | input-count | \
        | input-value <input index> | input-name <input index> \
        | header <header> | referring-url | method \
        | content-type | trace-file | process-id | name \
    to [ define ] <variable>


Variables related to an input request can be obtained with get-req statement and the result stored into <variable>. The following request variables can be obtained (they are strings except where stated otherwise):

Note that all these values are constants.


Get the name of current trace file:

get-req trace-file to define trace_file

See also:

Request information ( get-req   input-param   request-body   set-input   set-req  )  SEE ALL (documentation)

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