19.0.0 released Nov 08, 2023
Get hash

Purpose: Get usage specifics for a hash table.

get-hash  <hash > \
    ( length [ define ] <length> ) \
    | ( size [ define ] <size> ) \
    | ( average-reads [ define ] <reads> )

get-hash provides usage specifics of a hash table <hash> (created by new-hash).

Use "length" clause to obtain its <length> (i.e. the number of elements stored in it), "size" clause to obtain its <size> (i.e. the number of "buckets", or possible hash codes) and "average-reads" clause to obtains the average number of <reads> (i.e. how many string comparisons are needed on average to find a key).

Each of these number variables can be created with "define".

This information may be useful in determining the performance of a hash, and whether resize-hash is indicated.
get-hash h length define l size define s average-reads define r

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