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Vely 15.2.0 released on Jan 18, 2023
Articles updated Jan 17, 2023

File uploading

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Upload a file to server.


input-param <name>


Files uploaded via client (such as a browser, curl etc.) are input-parameters.

Vely uploads files for you automatically, meaning you do not have to write any code for that specific purpose. An uploaded file will be stored in file_storage, with path and name of such a file generated by Vely to be unique. For example, a file uploaded might be named "/home/user/file/d0/f31881". When file is uploaded, the following input parameters can be obtained, assuming "name" attribute of "input" element is "myfile":

For example, for an HTML form which is uploading a file named "myfile", such as

<input type='file' name='myfile'>

your code that handles this might be:

input-param myfile_filename
input-param myfile_location
input-param myfile_ext
input-param myfile_size

You have uploaded file <<p-web myfile_filename>> to a server file at <<p-web myfile_location>>

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