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12.1.0 released on Sep 19, 2022



Exit current request processing.




Exits current request by transferring control directly after the top-level request dispatcher. If there is an after_request_handler, it will still execute, unless exit-request is called from before_request_handler. exit-request will have no effect in startup_handler because that handler runs before any requests.

exit-request is useful when your request handler has called other functions (i.e. those implemented in non_request source files), which may have called others (etc.), and there is no need to return in the reverse order, nor to pass any further data back to them; in which case returning one step at a time may be cumbersome and error prone.

In other words, exit-request jumps to the top-level request dispatcher, and the stack of functions called to get to exit-request will be bypassed, thus those functions will not get control back; and they will not perform any additional work, rather simply the next request will be processed immediately.


#include "vely.h"

void req_handler()


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