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12.1.0 released on Sep 19, 2022

Example write report


Write report example.


See code below.


Builds a report of employees from a database:

This example is included in Vely installation. Here is how to compile and run it.

By default, Vely will automatically restart your application when a new executable is produced.


The following are the source files for this project.

create table if not exists employees (name varchar(50), salary int);
delete from employees;
insert into employees (name, salary) values ('Mike', 50000), ('Joan', 60000), ('Kelly', 70000);

// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
// Copyright 2018 DaSoftver LLC.

#include "vely.h"

void write_report()

    out-header default

    get-app db-vendor db to define dbv
    @Database vendor used is <<p-out dbv>><br/>

    // Build report for a query and store it into variable outmsg

    write-string define outmsg
    @Employee report<hr/>

    // Get data from the database
    run-query @db="select name, salary from employees order by name" output name, salary
       @  -----<br/>
       @  Name: <<query-result name>>
       @  Salary: <<query-result salary>><br/>

    @End report.


    // build time stamp for report file
    get-time to define curr_time format "%A %B %d %Y %l %M %p %Z"
    get-req process-id to define pid
    match-regex " " in curr_time replace-with "_" result define tstamp

    // get application home directory and build the path for reports directory
    get-app directory to define home_dir
    write-string define report_dir
    @<<p-out home_dir>>/reports

    // make directory, ignore error if it exists
    exec-program "mkdir" args "-p", report_dir status define st
    if (st != VV_OKAY  && st != VV_ERR_EXIST) {
        @Error in creating reports directory

    // build the name of report file
    write-string define report_file
    @<<p-out home_dir>>/reports/report_<<pf-out "%lld", pid>><<p-out tstamp>>

    // write report file

    write-file report_file from outmsg status st
    if (st<0) {
        @Error in writing report file <<p-out report_file>> (<<pf-out "%lld", st>>)
    } else {
        // if okay, display report file to the web
        @Report file [<<p-out report_file>>] written.<br/>
        @Report file content:<br/>
        p-out outmsg



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