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12.1.0 released on Sep 19, 2022

Example stock


Stock example.


See code below.


Stock ticker example:

This example is included in Vely installation. Here is how to compile and run it.

By default, Vely will automatically restart your application when a new executable is produced.


The following are the source files for this project.

create table if not exists stock (stock_name varchar(100) primary key, stock_price bigint);

// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
// Copyright 2018 DaSoftver LLC.

#include "vely.h" // must always be here

// Implementation of a stock ticker request handler. There is no firm rule
// about which functionality goes into which file (i.e. different sub-requests
// based on action could be further split into separate files etc.)
// Called from vely_handle_request().

void stock()

    out-header default

    @    <body>
        input-param action
        input-param stock_name
        input-param stock_price

        if (!strcmp (action, "add")) {

            // Add data to stock table, update if the stock exists

            get-app db-vendor db to define dbv
            char *qry = "";
            if (!strcmp (dbv, VV_SQLITE)) {
                qry = "insert or replace into stock (stock_name, stock_price) values ('%s', '%s')";
            } else if (!strcmp (dbv, VV_MARIADB)) {
                qry = "insert into stock (stock_name, stock_price) values ('%s', '%s') on duplicate key update stock_price='%s'";
            } else if (!strcmp (dbv, VV_POSTGRES)) {
                qry = "insert into stock (stock_name, stock_price) values ('%s', '%s') on conflict(stock_name) do update set stock_price='%s'";

            char *err = "";
            if (!strcmp (dbv, VV_MARIADB) || !strcmp (dbv, VV_POSTGRES)) {
                run-prepared-query @db = qry  : stock_name, stock_price, stock_price no-loop error err
            } else if (!strcmp (dbv, VV_SQLITE)) {
                run-prepared-query @db = qry : stock_name, stock_price no-loop error err
            if (strcmp (err, "0")) {
                report-error "Cannot update stock price, error [%s]", err

    @       <div>
    @           Stock price updated!
    @       </div>
        } else if (!strcmp (action, "show")) {

            // Show stock names and values

    @       <table>
    @           <tr>
    @               <td>Stock name</td>
    @               <td>Stock price</td>
    @           </tr>
                run-prepared-query @db = "select stock_name, stock_price from stock" output stock_name, stock_price
    @               <tr>
    @                   <td>
                        query-result stock_name
    @                   </td>
    @                   <td>
                        query-result stock_price
    @                   </td>
    @               </tr>
    @       </table>
        } else {
    @       <div>Unrecognized request!</div>
    @   </body>



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