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Vely 15.2.0 released on Jan 18, 2023
Articles updated Jan 17, 2023

Error handling


When your program errors out

"Erroring out" means your program has encountered insurmountable difficulty and it will end. For instance, it could be out of memory, or the database is permanently down and connection cannot be re-established. These are errors that cannot be handled. If your program is started with vf, it may be automatically restarted.

When report-error is called

You can report an error in your Vely code with report-error, after which:

When there is a problem in Vely

If there is a fatal internal error (i.e. error in Vely code itself that cannot be handled), it will be caught by Vely, and the program will end. If your program is started with vf, it may be automatically restarted.

Logging the error

Regardless of the type of error and regardless of whether the program exits or not, the error is logged and the program stack with full source code lines (see vv for including debug information) will be written to backtrace file (use -e option of vv to obtain its location).

You can see the list of last N errors (and the location of file containing backtrace for them) by using vv, for instance to see the last 3 errors:

vv -e 3

See also:

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