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11.0.11 released on Jul 25, 2022



Cookies ( delete-cookie   get-cookie   set-cookie  )

Database ( on-error   affected-rows   error-text   error   begin-transaction   column-count   column-data   database_queries   column-names   commit-transaction   prepared_statements   current-row   database_config_file   define-query   exec-query   loop-query   query-result   rollback-transaction   row-count   run-query   start-query  )

Debugging ( debugging   trace  )

Documentation ( documentation  )

Encoding ( hex-encode   hex-decode   base64-decode   base64-encode   url-decode   url-encode   web-decode   web-encode  )

Encryption ( decrypt-data   encrypt-data   hash-string   random-string  )

Error handling ( on-error   error_code   report-error  )

Examples ( examples   example_docker   example_cookies   example_create_table   example_form   example_hello_world   example_sendmail   example_stock   example_upload_file   example_write_report  )

Feedback ( bugs_enhancements_feedback  )

Files ( file_uploading   copy-file   delete-file   file_storage   stat-file   lock-file   uniq-file   read-file   read-line   rename-file   temporary_file   unlock-file   write-file  )

General ( quality_control   vely_removal   rename_files   vely   why_Vely   vf   vv   how_vely_works   vely_architecture   vely_SELinux   deploying_application  )

Information ( get-app   get-req   get-sys  )

Language ( dot   syntax_highlighting   inline_code   language_statements   unused-var  )

License ( license  )

Lists and queues ( fifo-list  )

Memory ( memory_handling   new-mem   resize-mem   delete-mem  )

Output ( finish-output   output_statement   pf-out   pf-url   pf-web   p-out   p-num   p-url   p-web  )

Program execution ( exec-program   exit-code  )

Program flow ( exit-request  )

Quick start ( 123_hello_world  )

Requests ( non_request   after_request_handler   before_request_handler   input-param   request   startup_handler   url-param   vely_dispatch_request  )

Reverse proxy ( apache_reverse_proxy   restart_nginx   restart_apache   nginx_config_file   apache_config_file   connect_apache   connect_nginx  )

Running application ( plain_C_FCGI   containerize_application   command_line   application_setup   CGI   FastCGI   FastCGI_client  )

Strings ( split-string   copy-string   count-substring   lower-string   match-pattern   trim-string   upper-string   write-string  )

Time ( get-time  )

Tutorials ( tutorials   tutorial-hello_world   tutorial-stock_app   tutorial-file_manager   tutorial-utility  )

Web ( out-header   send-file   web-call   silent-header  )

Man pages

Vely documentation is available online, and also as man pages. You can type for example
man run-query

to get information about running a query. The Vely section is '2vv', so you can also type
man 2vv run-query

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