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16.10.0 released May 10, 2023

Note: All the topics below are available as a single-page documentation. You can also download it as a .tar.gz file and use it on your computer, host it on your web site etc.

Application information ( get-app   set-app  )

Base64 ( decode-base64   encode-base64  )

Cookies ( delete-cookie   get-cookie   set-cookie  )

Database ( begin-transaction   commit-transaction   current-row   database_config_file   database_queries   delete-query   on-error   prepared_statements   query-result   rollback-transaction   run-query  )

Debugging ( debugging   trace-run  )

Documentation ( documentation  )

Encryption ( decrypt-data   derive-key   encrypt-data   hash-string   random-crypto   random-string  )

Error handling ( error_code   error_handling   on-error   report-error  )

Examples ( example_cookies   example_create_table   example_docker   example_file_manager   example_form   example_hash   example_hello_world   example_json   example_multitenant_SaaS   examples   example_sendmail   example_shopping   example_stock   example_utility   example_write_report  )

FIFO ( new-fifo   purge-fifo   read-fifo   rewind-fifo   write-fifo  )

Files ( close-file   copy-file   delete-file   file-position   file_storage   file_uploading   lock-file   open-file   read-file   read-line   rename-file   stat-file   temporary_file   uniq-file   unlock-file   write-file  )

General ( deploying_application   how_vely_works   quality_control   rename_files   SELinux   vely   vely_architecture   vely_removal   vf   vv   why_C_and_Vely  )

Hash table ( get-hash   new-hash   purge-hash   read-hash   resize-hash   write-hash  )

Hex encoding ( decode-hex   encode-hex  )

JSON ( delete-json   new-json   read-json  )

Language ( dot   inline_code   statement_APIs   syntax_highlighting   unused-var  )

License ( license  )

Memory ( delete-mem   manage-memory   memory_handling   new-mem   resize-mem  )

Output ( finish-output   flush-output   output_statement   p-dbl   pf-out   pf-url   pf-web   p-num   p-out   p-path   p-url   p-web  )

Process ( global_process_data  )

Program execution ( exec-program   exit-code  )

Program flow ( exit-request  )

Quick start ( 123_hello_world  )

Regex ( match-regex  )

Request information ( get-req   input-param   request-body   set-input   set-req  )

Requests ( after_request_handler   before_request_handler   building_URL   getting_URL   global_request_data   non_request   normalized_URL   request   request_URL   startup_handler   vely_dispatch_request  )

Running application ( application_setup   CGI   Client_API   command_line   containerize_application   FastCGI   FastCGI_client   plain_C_FCGI  )

Strings ( copy-string   count-substring   lower-string   split-string   trim-string   upper-string   write-string  )

System information ( get-sys  )

Time ( get-time  )

URL encoding ( decode-url   encode-url  )

UTF8 ( json-utf8   utf8-json  )

Web ( call-web   out-header   send-file   silent-header  )

Web encoding ( decode-web   encode-web  )

Web servers ( connect_apache_tcp_socket   connect_apache_unix_socket   connect_nginx_tcp_socket   connect_nginx_unix_socket  )

Man pages
Vely documentation is available online, and also as man pages (i.e. manual pages). You can take any of the topics above and type it in man, for example
man run-query

man how_vely_works

man example_shopping

The Vely section is '2vv', so in case of other software having conflicting topic names, you can also type
man 2vv run-query

man 2vv how_vely_works

man 2vv example_shopping

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