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Diagnostic messages

Since Vely generates C code from your Vely statements and build directives, you can get diagnostic messages about Vely source code files, generated C code files or both (the default). Messages inidicating build errors and warnings are output from Vely's build utility (see vv).

By default, diagnostic messages include source code indication from both Vely source code and the generated C code. The line number in .vely file is displayed, as well as the actual source code of that line (or the last line if it's split into multiple lines); the exact part of C generated code is shown, along with carets visually pointing to the code where an issue is found. This information (if available) is followed by the underlying compiler diagnostic.

The root diagnostic messages are displayed in bold blue and prefixed with "***"; the associated Vely statement or source C code is in red and prefixed with ">>>"; and generated C code in green and prefixed with "###". The column where error was reported in C code (original or generated) is marked with three carets (i.e. "^^^") Any other diagnostic messages from the underlying C compiler are in plain default coloring. This kind of visual output helps with quickly identifying and correcting errors.

In the example below, you can see diagnostics for type mismatches, undeclared variables, a syntax error in a Vely statement, and a missing block closure (i.e. "}"):


Prior to version 17.1, Vely's diagnostic output did not include as much detail or color coding; it still included all the relevant information, such as source line numbers in .vely files and other diagnostic messages. You can switch back to this kind of output with "--plain-diag" option of vv.

If you use "--c-lines" option of vv, the above color-coded and additional diagnostics will not be displayed; rather it will show the the diagnostic from the underlying compiler relating to generated C code only.

Note that you can increase the number of errors shown with "--max-error" option of vv.
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