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Derive a key.


derive-key [ define ] <key> from <source> length <length> \
    [ binary ] \
    [ from-length <source length> ] \
    [ digest <digest algorithm> ] \
    [ salt <salt> [ salt-length <salt length> ] ] \
    [ iterations <iterations> ]


derive-key derives <key> (which can be created with optional "define") from string <source> in "from" clause. <key> is allocated memory. If <source length> in "from-length" clause is specified, exactly <source length> bytes of <source> are used, regardless of null characters. Otherwise, the length of a null-terminated <source> string is used as the number of bytes.

The length of derived key is given by <length> in "length" clause. The method for key generation is PBKDF2. By default the digest used is "SHA256". You can use a different <digest algorithm> in "digest" clause (for example "SHA3-256"). To see a list of available digests:

#get digests
openssl list -digest-algorithms

The optional salt for key derivation can be given with <salt> in "salt" clause. If "salt-length" clause is not used, then the salt is null-terminated, otherwise its length is <salt length>.

The number of iterations is given by <iterations> in "iterations" clause. The default is 1000 per RFC 8018, though depending on your needs and the quality of <source> you may choose a different value.

By default, the derived key is produced as a null-terminated string in a hexadecimal form, where each byte is encoded as two-character hexadecimal characters, so its length is 2*<length>. If "binary" clause is used, the output is a binary string that may have null characters, which is of <length> bytes, and a null character is placed after it.

Key derivation is often used when storing password-derivatives in the database (with salt), and also for symmetrical key generation.


Derived key is in variable "mk":

random-string to define rs9 length 16
derive-key define mk from "clave secreta" digest "sha-256" salt rs9 salt-length 10 iterations 2000 length 16

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