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12.1.0 released on Sep 19, 2022



Deletes a cookie.


delete-cookie <cookie name> [ path <cookie path> ] [ status [ define ] <status> ]


delete-cookie deletes a cookie named <cookie name>, so it is sent back in the reply telling the client (such as browser) to delete it. <cookie name> is a cookie that was either received from the client as a part of the request, or was added with set-cookie. Note that delete-cookie must be issued before outputting HTTP header with out-header (as deleting a cookie in a client is a part of response's header), or otherwise it won't be deleted.

<status> is the integer variable (which can be created with "define" if it does not exist) that will be -1 if the cookie did not exist, or 0 or greater if it did.

The same cookie name may be stored under different URL paths. You can use the optional "path" clause to specify <cookie path> to ensure the desired cookie is deleted.


delete-cookie "my_cookie"
delete-cookie "my_cookie" path "/path"


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