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16.10.0 released May 10, 2023

Purpose: Count substrings.

count-substring <substring> in <string> to [ define ] <count> [ case-insensitive [ <case-insensitive> ] ]

count-substring counts the number of occurrences of <substring> in <string> and stores the result in <count> (specified in "to" clause), which can be created with "define" if it does not exist. By default, search is case-sensitive. If you use "case-insensitive" clause without boolean expression <case-insensitive>, or if <case-insensitive> evaluates to true, then the search is case-insensitive.

If <substring> is empty ("") or NULL, <count> is 0.
In the following example, 1 occurrence will be found after the first count-substring, and 2 after the second (since case insensitive search is used there):
char sub[] = "world";
char str[] = "Hello world and hello World!";

count-substring sub in str to define num_occ
pf-out "Found %lld occurrences!\n", num_occ

count-substring sub in str to num_occ case-insensitive
pf-out "Found %lld occurrences!\n", num_occ

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