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Copy string

Purpose: Copies string to another string.

copy-string <source string> to [ define ] <dest string> \
    [ ( length [ define ] <length> ) \
        | ( [ bytes-written [ define ] <bytes written> ) ]

Use copy-string to copy <source string> to <dest string> (which can be created with optional "define"). <dest string> is allocated memory.

Without "length" clause, <source string> is treated as a null-terminated string and the number of bytes to copy is computed as its length. With "length" clause, exactly <length> bytes are copied into <dest string>, regardless of whether there is a null-character within <source string>, i.e. you can copy binary data this way. Regardless of whether "length" clause is used or not, <dest string> will always have a null-character at the end.

If "bytes-written" clause is used, then the number of bytes copied is stored into <bytes written>, which can be created with optional "define". "bytes-written" can be used only if "length" is not used, for obvious reason, as the two are equal otherwise. <bytes written> does not include the null-character placed at the end.

You can copy a string to itself. In this case, the original string remains and the new string points to a copy:
char *str = "original string"; // string to change

char *orig = str; // points to original copy of the string to change

copy-string str to str // make a copy of string to change and assign it to itself

str[0] = 'O'; // change the copy

// Now "str" points to "Original string" 
// and "orig" points to "original string"

After copy-string below, "my_str" will point to a copy of string "some value", and "bw" will be 10:
char *other_string="some value";
copy-string other_string to define my_str bytes-written define bw

Copy certain number of bytes, the result in "my_str" will be "som":
char *other_string="some value";
copy-string other_string to define my_str length 3

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