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12.1.0 released on Sep 19, 2022



Copies one file to another.


copy-file <source file> to <target file> [ status [ define ] <status> ]


File <source file> is copied into <target file>, which is created if it does not exist. Status can be obtained in <status> variable, which is VV_ERR_OPEN if cannot open source file, VV_ERR_CREATE if cannot create target file, VV_ERR_READ if cannot read source file, VV_ERR_WRITE if cannot write target file, or number of bytes copied (including 0) on success.


copy-file "/home/user/source_file" to "/home/user/target_file" status define st


Files ( copy-file   delete-file   file_storage   file_uploading   lock-file   read-file   read-line   rename-file   stat-file   temporary_file   uniq-file   unlock-file   write-file  )  SEE ALL (documentation)

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