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11.0.11 released on Jul 25, 2022



I worked for over a decade in the Oracle's core engineering group as a Senior Software Engineer for middleware and data replication, and before that as a PI (Principal Investigator) for DARPA in the area of distributed computing.

I created Vely on my own time and without funding. The copyright owner is Dasoftver LLC, which is my own business.

Vely does not accept public contributions at this time, which provides better focus and less overhead for now. Questions, comments and feedback are absolutely welcome!

Name "Vely" stands for "Vel(ocit)y". Vely logo is a lovely elephant, because elephants are smart, and even though they are neither very fast nor lightweight, I know they'd love Vely for being both. Just ask elephants, they'll tell you.

I've worked on Vely on and off for several years, and went through several complete rewrites mostly on the account of learning how to do things better. I hope it may help you do the same.

Sergio Mijatovic


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