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11.0.11 released on Jul 25, 2022



To run Vely web application with FastCGI protocol, you need to setup a reverse proxy, i.e. a web server that will forward request and send replies back to clients. Vely application runs as a number of (zero or more) background processes in parallel, processing requests.

Setting up reverse proxy (web server)

To access your application via a reverse proxy (i.e. web server), generally you need to add a proxy directive and restart the web server.

If you use Apache, you need to setup apache_reverse_proxy and then to connect_apache to your application.

If you use Nginx, it already comes with FastCGI proxy support and you only need to connect_nginx to your application.

Starting FastCGI server processes

Use vf, for example:
vf <app name>

which in general will start zero or more background resident process(es) (daemons) that process requests in parallel.


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