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11.0.11 released on Jul 25, 2022

123 hello world


This is a condensed version of Vely Hello World that you can run in minutes. No additional software needs to be installed. For more, see tutorials and examples.

Step 1: Install Vely

First install Vely.

Step 2: Build it

Create Hello World source file (hello.v); note it's all one bash command:
echo '#include "vely.h"

void hello()
    out-header default
    @Hello World!
}' > hello.v

Create Hello World application:
sudo vf -i -u $(whoami) helloworld

Make Hello World application:
vv -q helloworld

Step 3: Run it

You can run Hello World both as a service and from command line:

Expected result

The end result looks like this (notice in bold the responses from your web application and the command line):


You have run Hello World with Vely, first by talking directly to a FastCGI server and then from command line. See FastCGI_client for a similar example that uses TCP sockets.


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